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The Flip Flop has been a part of every culture dating back since the beginnings of Man. I suppose that anything with a protective sole and is attached to the bottom of your feet and has a bit of give (hence the flip, and the flop). Whether it is held to [...]

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9/11 Convict Flip-Flops On Death (CBS News)
Although Zacarias Moussaoui pleaded guilty Friday of conspiring with al Qaeda leaders and the Sept. 11 hijackers to wreak havoc on Americans, he says he will fight against the death penalty. Last week, he told the judge he would plead for execution.

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Next big step in team spirit: Flip-flops ( via Yahoo! News)
Wearing flip-flops to the White House might raise eyebrows, but wearing them to show school spirit has become fashionable. Just in time for back to school, a new line of collegiate flip-flops has been expanded. Students at 19 major universities now can let their footwear do the talking when it comes to supporting their schools.
Pak flip-flops on trade ties with India (The Economic Times)
NEW DELHI: It sounded too good to be true, and it didn't last that long too.
GC Flip-Flops Return (Garden City News)
Those fantastic Garden City flip-flops by Toe-Goz(r) are back again for a limited time only. You can find them only at the Garden City Shop%27s booth at the annual Homecoming Street Fair on Saturday, October 29. - Greensboro, North Carolina: News: Lorraine Ahearn: A walking tour of downtown in $39 flip-flops (News-Record)
On the wall facing the shiny, S-shaped counter at Gregory's, the longtime South Elm jeweler who still advertises as being "on Hamburger Square," a vintage photo caught my eye the other day.


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